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Dr. Ross Graham

You’d never know that at age 20, I was suffering and afraid because of an injury. This injury left me with severe pain and tingling, which traveled from my lower back down to my foot. My problem, which would respond to neither medical nor alternative care, was subsequently (and dramatically) helped by chiropractic care.

Passion for Chiropractic

I was born in Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada (just north of Fargo, North Dakota). At 19 years old, I started working as a massage therapist/nutritionist at the Prairie Health Clinic in Barnwell, Alberta. I was amazed to see how many health problems were not responsive to medical treatment.

The personal experience I had with my injuries inspired my passion for chiropractic therapy.  I was inspired by my chiropractor, who not only helped relieve my suffering, but also encouraged me to take the big leap from being a massage therapist and nutritionist to becoming a certified Doctor of Chiropractic. I could see his passion for this alternative therapy, and he strongly advocated the benefits of this healing art.

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